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  • Cheese Balls (12pcs)

    Each cheese ball is covered with 2 kinds of cheese
    soft taste both outside and inside, moderate size, double taste,
    very delicious and perfect for starters
    • NT$220
  • Spinach ravioli (12pcs)

    Traditional Italian pasta
    Fresh spinach is used from the dough to the filling
    With fragrant cheese and traditional seasoning
    perfect for daily meal
    • NT$300
  • Flank Steak (USA) 1.2kg

    The top of Gaucaho steak
    using American extremely black Wagyu beef fan meat, the position of the side of the beef
    fine tase, oil flower evenly
    • NT$1,680
  • Empanada 12pcs

    Argentine traditional gourmet snacks
    Crispy dough, unique fillings with different flavors such as beef, chicken, cheese ham, tomato and basil
    • NT$400
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