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  • Argentine Sausage (6pcs/750g)

    Pickled with spices shipped from Argentina
    Rich and slightly spicy taste
    • NT$360
  • Rib Eye (USA) 300g

    This part is rib eye, also called "sirloin steak" in Taiwan
    Fresh and tender meat, rich gravy, fine texture, evenly distributed like marble
    • NT$280
  • Flank Steak (USA) 1.2kg

    The top of Gaucaho steak
    using American extremely black Wagyu beef fan meat, the position of the side of the beef
    fine tase, oil flower evenly
    • NT$1,680
  • Tail of Rump (USA) 500g

    The part is the triangle meat of the leg. It is named after the back waist ridge, which looks like a triangle.
    It is chewy, and best used for grilling or braising.
    Simply sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry until half cooked.
    Tastes great with some olive oil and jalapenos.
    • NT$400
  • T bond (USA) 650g

    Double top enjoyment! Between the "Rib Eye" and "Filet"
    The tenderness is chewy, the oil flowers are evenly distributed
    chewy and full of flavor
    • NT$700
  • Strip Steak (USA) 300g

    This part exercises more, the meat is firmer, and the oil is evenly distributed
    The tenderness is inferior to rib eye and filet; oily flower lies between rib eye and filet.
    • NT$385
  • Short Rib (USA) 500g

    The soft and tender meat has a chewy texture, which elevates the taste bud enjoyment to a new level
    The bones are rich in gum and delicious, full of aroma
    • NT$375
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